May 8, 2016

Let's Rant

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Wow it's been a month and I don't know if any of you still remember this blog. I've been having a writer block so yeah. Anyways, can I just say that I love, like absolutely in love with my background music. I've just discovered this song and I want it to be played on my funeral. Gurrrl I've said it ahah. It's been seven weeks I'm here guys, time surely flies like an airplane. Damn.

From the title, it's obvious that this post ain't gon' be a positive rising sun butterfly flies in the garden kinda post. Your girl here is 'bout to rant her throat out. Nah, just kidding. I'm just spitting my thoughts because I don't know who to say these to and I figured this place is okay for me to express my feelings since no one that I know personally is reading this. 

If you've read my last post, I did say that I didn't have any close friends or something like that (i forgot already what i wrote aiya). Well truth be told, I'm still struggling to make friends here. I just watched my coursemates Snapchat stories and they were all having fun with their cliques and I'm just freaking rotting in my room. No lie though, my heart broke because this one girl that I'm quite close with didn't invite me. Ouch.

It also sucks when you still don't have a license because you can't drive anywhere you want to escape your boring life. If I wanna go out I have to book a taxi since no one's gonna invite me when they're having fun. Not to mention, they don't use a motherfreaking taxi meter or whatever they called it, here.So the price is so damn high la. Cekik darah.

It's truly making me depressed just thinking about it. I don't know how to say this. Am I really that bad that I can't have anyone that I can truly vibe with? Am I really not approachable or am I annoying? If someone could tell me I'd be so thankful because I don't know what I did wrong. My main goal when I entered a uni life was to start fresh, make new friends and be who I am. But hell no. I'm stuck with the people that I hate and I don't know how to escape it.

When I told them about me being stuck with my shy and quiet friend that I truly dislike, they always say this to me, "Ala, tak pe. Nanti lama-lama rapat lah tu." Stop, I hate that words. You're not making me feel any better. I know I'm such an asshole for saying this but I really don't want to get any closer with her. This is frustrating because I don't know how to explain why. My heart is truly racing right now because I'm so upset and mad. Honestly, I really can't stand people that are too nice. If you really know me, you'll know that I'm kind of a bad-mouthed person, loud and very gila-gila lah.

I'd be so thrilled and happy if someone, anyone even invites me to go makan or whatever instead of me inviting them. I feel like a dumbass here. 

All I want is to have friends who understand me and really can vibe with me. Friends that know how to have fun and are smartasses at the same time. I know this is so high standard but trust me the students here are geniuses. I feel confined. Oh god this is frustrating. I don't know how to put this into words. If you're reading this, I apologize for wasting your time. I'm sorry that my posts lately are so negative. Nevertheless, thanks for reading.

April 9, 2016

Saturday's Thought

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Guten morgen earthlings. This is my third week in UTP. It still feels surreal. Even to this day, I still have to pinch myself to prove that I'm not dreaming. There are some good and bad things about my experience here so far. 

I love that this place has a lot of hot guys. Unfortunately, most of them aren't from my class. I don't know what's wrong with my luck, I always get the not-so-cute guys in my class, it frustrates me so much. Other than that, I'm glad that I got a beautiful place to continue my study. You don't know how grateful I am to be able to stand here. I know this isn't the best university in the country but I'm still happy because I've always wanted to be here.

Remember when I got so frustrated and depressed about my SPM result? I honestly thought that was it, I could never achieve what I want anymore. But Allah has showed his mercy upon me and granted me this place that I've been dying to go. So yeah, alhamdulillah.

However, it is hard for me to find friends who I like here. I mean, I want to vibe with people that has the same taste and happy-go-lucky like me. I'm stuck with my quiet and shy roommate and I can't be who I am with her and I feel so freaking frustrated because I feel like she doesn't give me a chance to go out and socialize with others. She's super clingy and I feel trapped. I can't vibe with her at all. I don't know what to do to distant myself from her. Now I sound like an asshole. Please send help. 

Most of the students who I can vibe with already have their own cliques meanwhile I'm still with my roommate. Oh lord, I'm so frustrated. Now is the third week and they have already bonded and it's hard for me to make friends with them because now I feel like an intruder. If only I've done something for the past two weeks, sigh.

To summarize things up, I'm mostly depressed with the fact that I can't have any close friends here. Other than that, I like everything here. I have my test 1 next week so pray for my well-being. I think that's all I wanted to share right now. If I write things too long, people won't read it. I'm so bored right now and I want to go out since I don't have any class today but I have no friends to go out with lol. My life is sad. Have a good day people!

*I have a terrible breakouts on my forehead and left cheek I feel like killing somone!

March 31, 2016

Korean Drama

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I was having a writer block so that should explain why I haven't posted anything since last week. (Let's neglect my yesterday's post lol). Apart from having a writer block, I was also busy managing my time and adapting my life in a new environment. Also, I'm busy watching a korean drama these past few days and that kind of gives me an idea of what to write tonight.

Truthfully, I've never envisioned myself as a korean drama sucker before. I mean, I've watched Boys Over Flower and Full House when I was in primary school but that was it. Never in a million years would I ever thought of becoming obsessed with it. Apparently I am now.

During my life in secondary school, I have a few friends who were absolutely head to toe over k-dramas. I couldn't even understand why. This one close friend of mine keeps talking about the dramas that she's watched and I was just like, 'Okay keep on talking, I don't even understand what you're talking about but I'll just pretend that I care for the sake of our friendship.' She literally watch these dramas almost every night be it during exam week or not. I actually thought she has a problem with this addiction. 

Recently, I saw a few tweets about the famous drama Descendants of The Sun on twitter. At first I didn't even care about it but then I saw Song Joong Ki as the main actor and I was like god damn, I've been drooling over this guy since he was in Running Man, wow my boy. The thing that drives me into this hellhole of k-drama is their sweet ass pick-up lines. I literally can't with their pick-up lines. Like, stop! I haven't watched the drama yet and I'm already blushing you idiot. 

After a few days of seeing this drama became viral on the internet I decided to try and watch it myself. Worst decision ever! Now I couldn't stop and I'm asking myself, 'why the hell do you watch this during your foundation year?!' But yeah I don't really mind, I'll find ways to watch this drama whenever I can because I feel incomplete without it! Lol okay now I'm exaggerating. 

One thing that I really love about this drama is their suspense kind of feels, you know what I mean? The drama is simply a work of art. We can simply tell a huge difference between k-dramas and malay dramas. I also love the way the scripts work, unlike malay dramas. Bodoh-bodoh je buat malu umat. Anyways, the idea of saving people is truly brilliant and the director thought about it really wonderfully. I give you a major credit for that. 

I would rate this drama 10.5/10 because I have nothing bad to say about it. Their acting is so good I just can't! It's getting late now and my eyes feel heavy which means it's time for me to go to bed. Honestly, I feel like this is my best post so far because I love the way I write in here. Wow, good job Wana. *pats my own back*

March 30, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

A wordless wednesday post because I haven't been updating since ages and I want to post something. I know I shouldn't say anything but yeah. I'm on a DOTS marathon right now so that's why I'm putting that picture above. This drama f*cked me up so badly I'm in love.

March 20, 2016

My First Day at UTP

Assalamualaikum wbt,

It's been awhile and I'm not sure if anyone ever waited for me to write anything lol. So the day after I got my SPM result I got a text saying that the result for UTP's foundation program is out and man was I nervous. I waited hours not to tell my parents about it because I know they're gonna paksa me to check whether I got it or not. Right before my dad went to bed I told him that the result is out because I thought he'll ask me to check it tomorrow since it was already late but hell no. Just as I thought, he forced me to check it. Damn.

Well, long story short, I was accepted and I couldn't be happier even though I didn't get the course that I wanted. At first I didn't wanna accept it because UTP is a private university and the yuran is expensive as hell but then my dad assured me that everything is covered and told me to accept it which I did.

So last Thursday, 17 March is the registration day. Remember my educamp post that I wrote about the handsome guy? I met him again today and man, jodoh kami kuat betul! After the registration thingy we were sent to our dorm. My first thought when I walked in my dorm was that the room looks like penjara. No lie and the room is hot too even though the kipas dah pasang speed 5. I'm glad though that I got a cute roommate. She's so nice and polite! If you wanna know what my dorm looks like, here's a sneak peak of it.

It's still messy and I'm still thinking on how to decorate this room. This is only half of the room because the other half is my roommate's bed.

After that we had stuffs to do about documents management where we have to give them all of our documents that we were asked to bring. This session is held in the Chancellor Hall. Almost all programs for our orientation week were held in the great hall. The hall is so pretty too. Probably one of the nicest hall I've ever seen. Here's the look if you haven't seen it yet.

The picture above is what the hall looks like from the outside at night. The left side is the hall and the other side is the library or apa entah diorang panggil. Today, on Sunday, we were given a tour around the university which was great except that we have to walk all the way from here and there under the scorching sun. It was tiring but fun because we have games at every stops. 

My orientation week is ending tonight which is pretty sad because I had a lot of fun and the only thing we need to worry about is to get to the session on time. Tomorrow I'll be starting my classes and according to the seniors, I'd have no time to relax and chill anymore.

I have made a lot of friends here and they are all very nice and the girls are super gorgeous, I feel like a drag queen among them. I don't have any regrets signing up here. So for all of my pals out there, if you wish to become a successful engineer and a well-rounded leader, UTP is your place. I think that's all I wish to say because we're having a break and I have two hours left to sleep before my night session begins. Lots of love, me.

March 14, 2016

Get To Know Me: A Tag

First of all, thanks Erin for tagging me. I wanted to post something so badly but it's just that I have no idea what to write. Thank god, she gave me something to write about because this blog seems dead lately. Without further a due, let's begin!

1. Name
The name I have on my IC is Nurul Syazwana binti Mohamad Zairo Sany (super long)

2. Age
I'll be turning 18 this June and I can't wait to be legal lmao.

3. Best friend/s
I don't really have a bff because I tend to be so close about myself to people, but I do have some close friends at school that I enjoy talking to and be crazy with.

4. Relationship status
I'm single and have never been in a relationship before :')

5. Piercings you have
I have two since I was a kid, one on each ears.

6. Piercings you want
I'm not really a fan of piercings but if I have to choose one it'd be one on the nose.

7. Tattoos you have
None because HARAM astaghfirullah sisters!

8. Tattoos you want
Some kind of feathery tattoo on my arm or wrist because that's cute.

9. Favorite blog
My current favourites are Erin Azmir, Ardini and Alia because I like their writings.

10. The meaning behind my URL
I know most people would put their names but I like Whimsical World because it reminds me of the forest kind of feels and magics and beautiful weird things like idk how to explain it to you because I think the word 'whimsical' speaks a lot about it.

11. Favourite band at the moment
It'd be One Direction because they possessed me, The Script, Imagine Dragons and Bastille because their musics are so me.

12. Favourite movie
I don't watch movies a lot but I love love love the Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of The Rings series. I also love Beautiful Creatures and How To Train Your Dragons 2 hahaha

13. A fact about my personality
I'm a super sensitive person but I tend to not show it because I learnt how to control my emotions and not be too fragile sometimes. I'm also a hot tempered person so you'd want to watch your language with me because no lie, I would snap at you just like that. I would consider myself friendly because I like making new friends.

14. What I hate most about myself
The fact that it's so hard for me to lose weight ugh so frustrating. I also hate that I can't be consistent or istiqamah with my workout and diet. Other than that, my oily skin!

15. What I love most about myself
My height, that's all I can think of right now.

16. What I want to be when I'm older
A chemical engineer of course!

17. Idea of the perfect date
When a guy takes the girl to go hiking or short adventure and try cool stuffs. Taking the girl to a nice dinner is also one of my favs.

18. Thing/s I hate most
People who chew with mouth open, talk when chewing, seriously that's disgusting.

19. Weakness
Baby animals, especially cats and dogs.

20. Phobia
I don't have any phobias, alhamdulillah.

21. What I hate most about school
Assembly because I ain't got no time to stand and sing early in the morning. I hate the foods too. And homework because duhh.

22. Things I find attractive in guys
It's such a turn on when a guy is good in academic and is nice to animals and their parents. I have a thing for guys with glasses idk why.

23. Biggest turn on
I already said it, when a guy is good academically. I would want a man who's intelligent and confident. Alsooo, when they are super tall, damn.

24. Biggest turn off
When a guy smoke, flirt with every girls they see and posts hipster-ish pictures on Instagram ew

25. A random fact I know
Not moisturising your face will lead to more oil compensate on your face because when your skin is dry, the oil is used to moisturise it. Not cool, girls!

26. A quote I love my life on
"Don't be a queen waiting on a king, be a queen busy with her kingdom until her king arrives."

27. Something I need to get off my chest
Sometimes when I'm at my lowest point I just need someone to talk to but I'm jut so scared to talk about it because it'll make me more fragile and I hate that. So I just keep it inside and pretend I'm okay the whole time.

28. A description of the person I hate and why I hate them
I see his face every day but thank god I won't anymore in a few days. He's so annoying, lazy brat, super rude and disrespectful with others. Omg I hate him so much.

29. The last time I cried and why
6th March I think, because I was accepted at my favourite university. I'm starting this Thurday, yay!

30. Looks or Personality -- why?
It really depends. As I said before, I'm not consistent. Mostly looks but idk I've never had a boyfriend to really tell the differences.

I tag: Ardini , Alia , Nad , Adilla

March 4, 2016

Received My Result

Assalamualaikum wbt,

First of all, I really don't know what to feel. I don't know how to write this. I'm happy but also disappointed at the same time. I never want to come across being ungrateful because, Allahu, I am so grateful. But it's kind of hard to digest that you didn't get the outcome that you wanted. I'm still learning to redha with the result that I got.

It's been a hard week for me to not feel anxious and nervous about yesterday. I know we all were. I set up a target of getting all As because I really felt I did well during the whole month of stressing out looking at books almost everyday. Other than nervous, I did feel excited about the big day.

After a crucial 3 months, 3rd March arrived. I slept well even though I woke up too early because of sudden butterflies. I arrived at school by 10. That was the first time that I saw my friends after I finished my SPM last year lmao. You can see that I was barely going out.

Then almost 10.30, I saw my teacher holding the slips and my friend told me that only 6 students got straight As. My heart dropped because we all knew who the fortunate students were. I was extremely sad. After my principal's speech, they announced the names starting from 6As students. Guess what? My name was called.

I was extremely sad and my heart broke into pieces. I walked up the stage with a sad face not even smiling and went down the stage to hug my friend who was crying her eyes out. I sobbed uncontrollably because I did not expect this at all. I checked my slip and count the As. It was not 6 which I was happy about. I got 7As with 2Bs. 4A 3A- 2B+ to be exact.

Apa ni cikgu? Most of my friends who got on stage for being called as the 6As actually got 7As. I cried when I went to my parents because I felt like I've let them down. I'm also sad that my Bs are Physics and Chemistry which are the two important subjects for me to pursue my dream career. I still cannot move on from the fact that my Physics is B+ because I really really thought I did well. I did check my paper 1 and I got 40+ questions right out of 50 questions. I really can answer most of the questions on Paper 2, and Paper 3 was a piece of cake for me so I couldn't understand why I didn't get at least A-. 

I'm devastated and am now thinking of doing a re-check on the subject. I'm still not sure though because it was just a thought. I didn't want to sound ungrateful, I really don't. I'm just afraid if I have to pursue something that I don't have passion about in the future. I really wanna be a chemical engineer and I was planning to take foundation in chemical engineering but now it seems almost impossible to do that when my Physics is not A.

Nevertheless, I'm trying to learn to be happy with my result. Alhamdulillah and may my future be bright.

February 17, 2016

25 Things That Make Me Happy

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Heyya peeps, I'm very excited about this post because I've seen a lot of people done it and I wanna do it too and luckily for me, someone is kind enough to tag me. Thanks Saf, I would love to hug you.

The Rules
  • Create a new post + Insert the theme picture above
  • List 25 things that make you happy most of the time (it can be in any language that you want)
  • Mention the blog that have tagged you (of course it can be more than a blog)
  • Tag at least 5 bloggers & make sure they know they've been tagged!
  • You can also share your favourite quote of the week! (if none, then it'll be okay)

 Things That Make Me Happy
  1. Nothing excites me the most, other than hills and mountains.
  2. The presence of cats.
  3. When I beat the genius in class in addmaths even by one mark.
  4. The fact that I don't have any C's in my trial result even though it's still shite.
  5. Jungle trekking makes me happy.
  6. The feeling of loneliness when I'm in a forest.
  7. When Donald Trump gets hates.
  8. Balik kampung because I get to see hills and mountains.
  9. Goats make me happy and I can't explain why.
  10. When I get home from a long trip and my bed is made and clean.
  11. Autumn makes me happy.
  12. I just watched the news and Obama said Trump wont be a president and I'm happy.
  13. Whimsical things such as magic and stuffs like that.
  14. Harry Potter no doubt because who doesn't love HP?!
  15. I've never been overseas but I love cold weather (cameron highland je mampu)
  16. When my shift is over.
  17. When I put on lipstick and my lips didn't look chapped.
  18. When my cats snuggle on me pkdhfahdg best feeling ever.
  20. The feeling after I workout even though I sweat like a pig ( pigs don't sweat but u get me )
  21. The meal I cook turns out to be good.
  22. Animal videos, I watch them every night if I can.
  23. Take Me Home album because fetus af and memories.
  24. When my bitchy brother gets scolded, ohh the feels!
  25. Foods, I mean duhhh.
Don't be a queen waiting on a king, be a queen busy with her kingdom until her king arrives.
This quote I found on twitter describes me so accurately so that's why it's my favourite quote at the moment. Soooo, these are the 25 things that make me happy. What are yours?

Tag: Nabiha , Ardini , Nad ,  Numigx ,  Anis Nabilah

February 13, 2016

Talk About Frustration

Assalamualaikum wbt,

It's been a hectic week for me. First my job, I'm frustrated about my shift. From my previous posts, I did tell you guys that I'm working a 12 hours shift right, so I must be tired. When a normal human being is tired, they sleep. Am I right or am I right? 

Okay these past three days I can't contain my tiredness so I lay down for 30 seconds to have a quick nap. Apparently, one of the kids is a complainer so she reported to my boss about it. What :) the :) hell :) . I hate that kid with all my heart. I may sound childish for hating on a 4 years old but I don't care. For God's sake, I just closed my eyes for 30 seconds if not more! Oh lord, help me with this job.

My boss also put such a high expectation on me. I mean, thanks I appreciate that but the hell, I'm new I can't do everything. I also found out that my last coworker (she quit because of fam problems) told her that I can't do my job. Aha f*ck you. I'm new and I'm awkward and you didn't tell me what to do so HOW am I supposed to know what I should do. Dumbass.

Due to that, I'm getting a colony of pimples on my face. I'm not that type of person who gets pimples a lot but I do when I'm dead frustrated with sh*ts. A few hours ago I steamed my face and smeared egg white and yolk on my face. I tried this remedy before and it did help shrunk the pimples but I don't know if it's gonna work again this time.

Last night I put lime juice on the pimples and it freaking burns. When I first tried this method last year, it worked wonderfully, no pain at all and the pimple disappeared within two days. A few months later I got pimples again and I used this method again and it didn't work. It also did not work last night as the pimples seem to be in the same size. I feel like my pimples are recognising their enemies and decided to build an army to fight them.

Right now I'm multitasking. I'm patting ice on them while making this post. First to close the pores on my face because I steamed it and put egg on it. Secondly, to try shrink the pimples. I don't know, I hope this one would work. I read somewhere that egg white contains collagen that can help shrink them. Basically I'm doing everything in just one night lmao. 

I apologise if this post sounds too harsh to you. I'm really pissed and frustrated so I hope yall can understand. 

February 9, 2016

New Look, Finally.

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I miss updating even though it's only been a few days. I was busy spending my free times with my family. We went to Sunway Lagoon two days ago and it was hella lit. I wanna tell you about it but it would take too long and people won't read it anyways.

Apart from that, I was also busy editing my new template and obviously, it is now done. Why did I want to change the look when the last skin was already okay? Well, I don't want to use blogskin anymore because I feel like there's no sense of originality when I'm using a skin that someone made. I wanna use one that I made myself. Besides, simple template looks more mature to me. 

Of course, I didn't do it without some helps from others. My editing and coding skills are already rusted and I needed tons of tutorials to fix this and that. There were many tries and errors and I forgot how stressful editing a blog was. Blogs that I often visit to look for tutorials are this, this and this because their tutorials are easily understood and I like they way they explain things. You get me? So, thank you. All hail the queens!

So, what do you think of the new look? I hope yall like it because I sacrificed my sleeps just for this. 

February 5, 2016

My First Job Ever

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Two days ago I started my new job at a nursery near my house. Never in a million years would've I thought that I'd be working at a place like this. This is what happens when you're desperate to find money and haven't been working since December. Lmao.

I did look for a place to work early in January. Pizza Hut and Papa John have vacancies and I signed up but they never called me for their interviews. So I decided, a nursery it is! I found out that this place was looking for a new worker through my friend since she knows everything about this neighbourhood.

I took the nursery's number and I texted the owner saying that I'd like to work with her and I'm trying to look for a new experience while waiting for my SPM's result to come out. She told me to come for an interview the next day and I got the job! What a stupid idea.

I absolutely hate the job. The first day was tiring as f*ck. My job started from 7am till 7pm. The kids were loud and constantly crying over stupid things. Some of them just like to cry without any reasons. What a f*cked up. And the worst thing is, I have to bathe them and wash their sh*ts. I can't live in a world like this :''(

Apart from that, I have to teach the 4 years olds for two hours from ten to twelve. I hate it. They don't listen even when I shout. It's official, I hate kids. I don't know how I'm gonna survive a month here. School is better, I miss school. It's less tiring than working in a nursery.

I'm not being a complainer or anything but the salary is 800 and if I take a day off, RM40 will be deducted from the total amount. If my maths is correct, I should get at least RM1k right?! Omg I'm being a typical Malaysian who complains about everything. I'm sorry. I think my rant is ending here. I hope yall can pray for my mental health throughout this battle against these crazy kids.

February 1, 2016

UTP's EduCamp

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I just got back from Perak and quickly got to my computer to write this. Can't you see how eager I am to tell you my story? So last month I applied for a foundation program at UTP. When I first heard about the program I got super excited because studying here has always been a dream of mine. So about two weeks ago, I checked the result and it says that I was accepted to attend their educamp. Man, I can't tell how happy I was.

Today was the day of the educamp. At first I was awed because the chancellor hall is huge and so beautiful. So I registered and the guy who handled the registration thingy was so cute I can't :') Okay wtv, so there was a brief explanation about the uni and the program. The people here look so educated and genius I felt like a wallflower. Most of them are from boarding schools, can you feel my pain?! So many competitors.

At 9, we have CPSQ test, basically a personality test. It wasn't a big deal. But after that we have TSA test and I just wanna die because it was hard. You legit have to read the questions more than three times to get what they were asking. Oh, and the questions aren't short. It was a paragraph-long questions with long answers. I just hope I did well. I really wanna go here.

Then, we have a personal interview with one of the lecturers, I think. It wasn't so personal as I was interviewed alongside 4 others in a room. She asked what will we become in 2030. So guyyys, I just want to tell you to be confident during this kind of interview, because most of them look so unconfident and it really shows okay. We have to answer in English. *cries*. Alhamdulillah, I answered the best and as confident as I could. I hope she saw that I really want this.

I want to take you on a tour around the university. Not the whole place just some places that I really like.

The main entrance (( it was huge ))

Strike a pose because I'm hella gucci

Let's take a moment to appreciate the aesthetic value of the library!

The toilet is so heart eyes emoji

Who doesn't love this kind of view, seriously?

See you again, only if I'm through :'''')

January 29, 2016

Tutorial: Pop Up Comment

Assalamualaikum wbt,

This is my first tutorial since god knows how long. This one is requested by Ardini. Girl, you're now my fav blogger at the moment because you're so funny. Ok I hope this guides will help you. It's very simple.

1. From dashboard, click Settings, Posts and Comments.

2. Then on the Comment Location, choose Pop-up window.

Done! (( i still can't get over Pillowtalk darnit ))


Assalamualaikum wbt,

Yo I'm telling you this, I'm not okay. This new single is f*cking lit I am lost of words. Oh my god I can't even I just FML! His voice is so perfect I've been missing his voice a lot. God damnit. I'm trashtalking again. Okay I'm gonna make this short.

It's a sex song lmao. But the way he sings it is beyond beautiful. And the lyrics omg I can't. "I'ts a paradise and it's a war zone" :'''''> What the f*ck zayn that's beautiful. Don't even make me start about the music video oh lord. 


It's so damn artistic it suits him so well. I'm so emotional darnit. Instead of sexualizing or objectifying woman, Zayn compared a woman's body to flowers and embraced women of colour. He's also one of the few artists to make a sex song with a music video that made women pictured as art instead of sex objects. Now tell me that's not beautiful!

Although I'm legit in love with the music video, I do feel like I'm watching porn. The video is quite explicit. Especially the part when the woman parted her legs and a flower blossoms on her vagina lmaaooo. And also there were scenes where a naked girl was sitting on another girl. I have to cover my eyes during that parts. But still, it's an art. I love it.

It's also confirmed that his album Mind of Mine will be released on the exact same date as he left the band. I love torturing myself by being in this fandom. Well done Zayn. Keep on murdering me.

(( click the picture to watch the music video ))

January 28, 2016

Skincare Tips

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I'm gonna share some beauty tips that I've learnt over the years. I might not have the most perfect clear skin, so who am I to say. But sharing is caring. I have tried most of the tips and they actually work wonders. Knowing that I might have helped some of you with your skin problems would be a huge pleasure to me. Without further a due, let's begin.

Ease big red pimple.

  • Apply honey on the pimple. Honey is a naturally soothing ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties that helps heal the skin.
  • Mix tea tree oil with equal parts of coconut oil.
  • Apply lemon juice on the pimple and put a bandaid on it. Leave it overnight and wash it the next morning.
  • NEVER pop your pimple unless you want ugly scars on your face.

Diminish acne scars.

  • Apply aloe vera gel.
  • Apply lemon juice (avoid your eyes)
  • Drink sufficient water throughout the day (can you believe that!)


  • I like using brown sugar mixed with a few drops of water to create a thick paste. Scrub it on your face for a minute or so then rinse. I love this method because it leaves my skin as smooth as bontot baby.
  • You can also try the same method with baking soda.
  • Remember to exfoliate twice a week!

I think that's all for today. I give all the credits to ASS because I found most of these tips from the site and the fact that they worked really well on my face. No love, me.

January 27, 2016

You Thought

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I feel like a two-faced b*tch right now. Why? I said on my last post that I won't be writing anything ever again, but here I am. After my last post, I felt like the overall look of my blog was hideous and needs a little change here and there. So I've gone through a tons of tutorials to change this and that. But some things were still bothering my eyes and today I ended up changing the whole skin.

I was using template designer before and there were many things that gone wrong so I changed into blogskin. All credits are given to Adila for this wonderful skin. So, after my last post, I felt like writing again. My posts now might not be in the same style like my old ones. I'll write more maturely this time. What do you think about my new look? 

*cricket sounds*

January 25, 2016


Assalamualaikum wbt,

As you can see, I've skipped a whole year not writing anything. In fact, I've never thought of continuing writing at all but here I am, hitting my keyboard, trying to deliver whatever messages that'll come through my mind. Was I busy? Not really. Was I lazy? Most probably. Have I forgotten about the existence of this blog? Not at all. So what's stopping me from writing again? Well......

Actually I don't really have an answer to that. Mostly I just didn't feel like writing and my time is spent mostly on my phone, doing what teenagers nowadays usually do. I'm not on computer as much as I am with my phone for whatever reasons. 

I don't know what's the use of this blog anymore. The stats of this site ( i just looked it up ) is not pleasing to my eyes. I don't even think anyone will be reading this and man have I no clue what's the point of me writing this. Maybe some weirdo will be kind enough to stop by and read this, hopefully. But what good will it do anyways? Omg I'm starting to talk trash.

Truthfully, I didn't even think when I'm writing this so the words are just nonsense and I'm not even sorry. Whatever it is, I feel called to say that I am truly embarrassed of who I was when I started this blog. Reading the old posts made me cringe I can't even tell how bad they are. I used to be disgusting omg. And 'Miss Purple Life' ...? What kind of name is that? What was I thinking when I came up with that? What a bimbo. Sounds like a freaking 9 years old's idea. 

I've forgotten many things about blogging. I don't remember how to use codes and editing. No wonder this page looks like a piece of shite. I can't believe I'm trashtalking my own blog. But it is, it's trash. I hate how stupid I was back then, I hate how the links are blue with stupid underlines underneath them, I hate how the music is not playing, I hate the fact that my followers used to be 500 and now it's decreasing. In all the hates, I do actually like some things. The header, the dates at the side, the title's border or wtv you call it, the little bug at the upper left of the page. Cutie.

I can go on talking bad stuffs and write longer than my SPM's essay because obviously, that's what I'm good at. At least, for the time being. I've grown to be someone with a sassy attitude if you know what I mean. But every beginning has their ends. I'm stopping now. I'm not planning to write anything again but we can't predict the future. It's not like anyone will be reading this. Goodbye for now.