January 29, 2016


Assalamualaikum wbt,

Yo I'm telling you this, I'm not okay. This new single is f*cking lit I am lost of words. Oh my god I can't even I just FML! His voice is so perfect I've been missing his voice a lot. God damnit. I'm trashtalking again. Okay I'm gonna make this short.

It's a sex song lmao. But the way he sings it is beyond beautiful. And the lyrics omg I can't. "I'ts a paradise and it's a war zone" :'''''> What the f*ck zayn that's beautiful. Don't even make me start about the music video oh lord. 


It's so damn artistic it suits him so well. I'm so emotional darnit. Instead of sexualizing or objectifying woman, Zayn compared a woman's body to flowers and embraced women of colour. He's also one of the few artists to make a sex song with a music video that made women pictured as art instead of sex objects. Now tell me that's not beautiful!

Although I'm legit in love with the music video, I do feel like I'm watching porn. The video is quite explicit. Especially the part when the woman parted her legs and a flower blossoms on her vagina lmaaooo. And also there were scenes where a naked girl was sitting on another girl. I have to cover my eyes during that parts. But still, it's an art. I love it.

It's also confirmed that his album Mind of Mine will be released on the exact same date as he left the band. I love torturing myself by being in this fandom. Well done Zayn. Keep on murdering me.

(( click the picture to watch the music video ))


  1. OMG yes!!! this is so true. The song is amazing. I love the fact that Zayn is now able to express himself more...through music and his passion in art.

  2. i read ur post before watching the vid and "..the part when the woman parted her legs and a flower blossoms on her vagina.." i cRIED :')


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