April 9, 2016

Saturday's Thought

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Guten morgen earthlings. This is my third week in UTP. It still feels surreal. Even to this day, I still have to pinch myself to prove that I'm not dreaming. There are some good and bad things about my experience here so far. 

I love that this place has a lot of hot guys. Unfortunately, most of them aren't from my class. I don't know what's wrong with my luck, I always get the not-so-cute guys in my class, it frustrates me so much. Other than that, I'm glad that I got a beautiful place to continue my study. You don't know how grateful I am to be able to stand here. I know this isn't the best university in the country but I'm still happy because I've always wanted to be here.

Remember when I got so frustrated and depressed about my SPM result? I honestly thought that was it, I could never achieve what I want anymore. But Allah has showed his mercy upon me and granted me this place that I've been dying to go. So yeah, alhamdulillah.

However, it is hard for me to find friends who I like here. I mean, I want to vibe with people that has the same taste and happy-go-lucky like me. I'm stuck with my quiet and shy roommate and I can't be who I am with her and I feel so freaking frustrated because I feel like she doesn't give me a chance to go out and socialize with others. She's super clingy and I feel trapped. I can't vibe with her at all. I don't know what to do to distant myself from her. Now I sound like an asshole. Please send help. 

Most of the students who I can vibe with already have their own cliques meanwhile I'm still with my roommate. Oh lord, I'm so frustrated. Now is the third week and they have already bonded and it's hard for me to make friends with them because now I feel like an intruder. If only I've done something for the past two weeks, sigh.

To summarize things up, I'm mostly depressed with the fact that I can't have any close friends here. Other than that, I like everything here. I have my test 1 next week so pray for my well-being. I think that's all I wanted to share right now. If I write things too long, people won't read it. I'm so bored right now and I want to go out since I don't have any class today but I have no friends to go out with lol. My life is sad. Have a good day people!

*I have a terrible breakouts on my forehead and left cheek I feel like killing somone!

March 31, 2016

Korean Drama

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I was having a writer block so that should explain why I haven't posted anything since last week. (Let's neglect my yesterday's post lol). Apart from having a writer block, I was also busy managing my time and adapting my life in a new environment. Also, I'm busy watching a korean drama these past few days and that kind of gives me an idea of what to write tonight.

Truthfully, I've never envisioned myself as a korean drama sucker before. I mean, I've watched Boys Over Flower and Full House when I was in primary school but that was it. Never in a million years would I ever thought of becoming obsessed with it. Apparently I am now.

During my life in secondary school, I have a few friends who were absolutely head to toe over k-dramas. I couldn't even understand why. This one close friend of mine keeps talking about the dramas that she's watched and I was just like, 'Okay keep on talking, I don't even understand what you're talking about but I'll just pretend that I care for the sake of our friendship.' She literally watch these dramas almost every night be it during exam week or not. I actually thought she has a problem with this addiction. 

Recently, I saw a few tweets about the famous drama Descendants of The Sun on twitter. At first I didn't even care about it but then I saw Song Joong Ki as the main actor and I was like god damn, I've been drooling over this guy since he was in Running Man, wow my boy. The thing that drives me into this hellhole of k-drama is their sweet ass pick-up lines. I literally can't with their pick-up lines. Like, stop! I haven't watched the drama yet and I'm already blushing you idiot. 

After a few days of seeing this drama became viral on the internet I decided to try and watch it myself. Worst decision ever! Now I couldn't stop and I'm asking myself, 'why the hell do you watch this during your foundation year?!' But yeah I don't really mind, I'll find ways to watch this drama whenever I can because I feel incomplete without it! Lol okay now I'm exaggerating. 

One thing that I really love about this drama is their suspense kind of feels, you know what I mean? The drama is simply a work of art. We can simply tell a huge difference between k-dramas and malay dramas. I also love the way the scripts work, unlike malay dramas. Bodoh-bodoh je buat malu umat. Anyways, the idea of saving people is truly brilliant and the director thought about it really wonderfully. I give you a major credit for that. 

I would rate this drama 10.5/10 because I have nothing bad to say about it. Their acting is so good I just can't! It's getting late now and my eyes feel heavy which means it's time for me to go to bed. Honestly, I feel like this is my best post so far because I love the way I write in here. Wow, good job Wana. *pats my own back*