April 9, 2016

Saturday's Thought

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Guten morgen earthlings. This is my third week in UTP. It still feels surreal. Even to this day, I still have to pinch myself to prove that I'm not dreaming. There are some good and bad things about my experience here so far. 

I love that this place has a lot of hot guys. Unfortunately, most of them aren't from my class. I don't know what's wrong with my luck, I always get the not-so-cute guys in my class, it frustrates me so much. Other than that, I'm glad that I got a beautiful place to continue my study. You don't know how grateful I am to be able to stand here. I know this isn't the best university in the country but I'm still happy because I've always wanted to be here.

Remember when I got so frustrated and depressed about my SPM result? I honestly thought that was it, I could never achieve what I want anymore. But Allah has showed his mercy upon me and granted me this place that I've been dying to go. So yeah, alhamdulillah.

However, it is hard for me to find friends who I like here. I mean, I want to vibe with people that has the same taste and happy-go-lucky like me. I'm stuck with my quiet and shy roommate and I can't be who I am with her and I feel so freaking frustrated because I feel like she doesn't give me a chance to go out and socialize with others. She's super clingy and I feel trapped. I can't vibe with her at all. I don't know what to do to distant myself from her. Now I sound like an asshole. Please send help. 

Most of the students who I can vibe with already have their own cliques meanwhile I'm still with my roommate. Oh lord, I'm so frustrated. Now is the third week and they have already bonded and it's hard for me to make friends with them because now I feel like an intruder. If only I've done something for the past two weeks, sigh.

To summarize things up, I'm mostly depressed with the fact that I can't have any close friends here. Other than that, I like everything here. I have my test 1 next week so pray for my well-being. I think that's all I wanted to share right now. If I write things too long, people won't read it. I'm so bored right now and I want to go out since I don't have any class today but I have no friends to go out with lol. My life is sad. Have a good day people!

*I have a terrible breakouts on my forehead and left cheek I feel like killing somone!