February 9, 2016

New Look, Finally.

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I miss updating even though it's only been a few days. I was busy spending my free times with my family. We went to Sunway Lagoon two days ago and it was hella lit. I wanna tell you about it but it would take too long and people won't read it anyways.

Apart from that, I was also busy editing my new template and obviously, it is now done. Why did I want to change the look when the last skin was already okay? Well, I don't want to use blogskin anymore because I feel like there's no sense of originality when I'm using a skin that someone made. I wanna use one that I made myself. Besides, simple template looks more mature to me. 

Of course, I didn't do it without some helps from others. My editing and coding skills are already rusted and I needed tons of tutorials to fix this and that. There were many tries and errors and I forgot how stressful editing a blog was. Blogs that I often visit to look for tutorials are this, this and this because their tutorials are easily understood and I like they way they explain things. You get me? So, thank you. All hail the queens!

So, what do you think of the new look? I hope yall like it because I sacrificed my sleeps just for this. 


  1. I like it :) Simple yet so elegant

  2. nice simple kelabu gittew,suka blog ni tak serabut sgt ^^

  3. its neat & beautiful. i like ur new template :)

  4. I love your new looks, simple and preettyy. ^^

  5. simple is better.
    nice job ^_^
    nampak elegant gitu <3

  6. Wahhhh wahhhhh! Niceeee lookkkk! Lagi-2 headerrr tuuuuuu! Simple tapi lawaaaaaa :DDD

  7. naaaaiiiis ! *thumbsup* :D


  8. phewwww lawaaa anddd styylleee dear! >.,<


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