February 1, 2016

UTP's EduCamp

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I just got back from Perak and quickly got to my computer to write this. Can't you see how eager I am to tell you my story? So last month I applied for a foundation program at UTP. When I first heard about the program I got super excited because studying here has always been a dream of mine. So about two weeks ago, I checked the result and it says that I was accepted to attend their educamp. Man, I can't tell how happy I was.

Today was the day of the educamp. At first I was awed because the chancellor hall is huge and so beautiful. So I registered and the guy who handled the registration thingy was so cute I can't :') Okay wtv, so there was a brief explanation about the uni and the program. The people here look so educated and genius I felt like a wallflower. Most of them are from boarding schools, can you feel my pain?! So many competitors.

At 9, we have CPSQ test, basically a personality test. It wasn't a big deal. But after that we have TSA test and I just wanna die because it was hard. You legit have to read the questions more than three times to get what they were asking. Oh, and the questions aren't short. It was a paragraph-long questions with long answers. I just hope I did well. I really wanna go here.

Then, we have a personal interview with one of the lecturers, I think. It wasn't so personal as I was interviewed alongside 4 others in a room. She asked what will we become in 2030. So guyyys, I just want to tell you to be confident during this kind of interview, because most of them look so unconfident and it really shows okay. We have to answer in English. *cries*. Alhamdulillah, I answered the best and as confident as I could. I hope she saw that I really want this.

I want to take you on a tour around the university. Not the whole place just some places that I really like.

The main entrance (( it was huge ))

Strike a pose because I'm hella gucci

Let's take a moment to appreciate the aesthetic value of the library!

The toilet is so heart eyes emoji

Who doesn't love this kind of view, seriously?

See you again, only if I'm through :'''')


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