February 17, 2016

25 Things That Make Me Happy

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Heyya peeps, I'm very excited about this post because I've seen a lot of people done it and I wanna do it too and luckily for me, someone is kind enough to tag me. Thanks Saf, I would love to hug you.

The Rules
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  • List 25 things that make you happy most of the time (it can be in any language that you want)
  • Mention the blog that have tagged you (of course it can be more than a blog)
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  • You can also share your favourite quote of the week! (if none, then it'll be okay)

 Things That Make Me Happy
  1. Nothing excites me the most, other than hills and mountains.
  2. The presence of cats.
  3. When I beat the genius in class in addmaths even by one mark.
  4. The fact that I don't have any C's in my trial result even though it's still shite.
  5. Jungle trekking makes me happy.
  6. The feeling of loneliness when I'm in a forest.
  7. When Donald Trump gets hates.
  8. Balik kampung because I get to see hills and mountains.
  9. Goats make me happy and I can't explain why.
  10. When I get home from a long trip and my bed is made and clean.
  11. Autumn makes me happy.
  12. I just watched the news and Obama said Trump wont be a president and I'm happy.
  13. Whimsical things such as magic and stuffs like that.
  14. Harry Potter no doubt because who doesn't love HP?!
  15. I've never been overseas but I love cold weather (cameron highland je mampu)
  16. When my shift is over.
  17. When I put on lipstick and my lips didn't look chapped.
  18. When my cats snuggle on me pkdhfahdg best feeling ever.
  20. The feeling after I workout even though I sweat like a pig ( pigs don't sweat but u get me )
  21. The meal I cook turns out to be good.
  22. Animal videos, I watch them every night if I can.
  23. Take Me Home album because fetus af and memories.
  24. When my bitchy brother gets scolded, ohh the feels!
  25. Foods, I mean duhhh.
Don't be a queen waiting on a king, be a queen busy with her kingdom until her king arrives.
This quote I found on twitter describes me so accurately so that's why it's my favourite quote at the moment. Soooo, these are the 25 things that make me happy. What are yours?

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  1. i love autumn too ! even tho xda musim tu di sini T.T but i feel very excited whenever Fall Videos started appearing on youtube . it makes me wanna bundle up in a blanket and sip a cup of hot chocolate or something ><

  2. no 24 :3 sameee ~ hahaha

  3. Come and hug meee lol kbye. Well, Donald Trump cought my attention in this post haha

  4. Don't be a queen waiting on a king, be a queen busy with her kingdom until her king arrives.- nice quote, huhu

  5. high5 for no.19!! haha btw i love the quote!!!!

  6. thankyou thankyou and things that make you happy makes me happy.. i can't think more! XD done postt


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