February 5, 2016

My First Job Ever

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Two days ago I started my new job at a nursery near my house. Never in a million years would've I thought that I'd be working at a place like this. This is what happens when you're desperate to find money and haven't been working since December. Lmao.

I did look for a place to work early in January. Pizza Hut and Papa John have vacancies and I signed up but they never called me for their interviews. So I decided, a nursery it is! I found out that this place was looking for a new worker through my friend since she knows everything about this neighbourhood.

I took the nursery's number and I texted the owner saying that I'd like to work with her and I'm trying to look for a new experience while waiting for my SPM's result to come out. She told me to come for an interview the next day and I got the job! What a stupid idea.

I absolutely hate the job. The first day was tiring as f*ck. My job started from 7am till 7pm. The kids were loud and constantly crying over stupid things. Some of them just like to cry without any reasons. What a f*cked up. And the worst thing is, I have to bathe them and wash their sh*ts. I can't live in a world like this :''(

Apart from that, I have to teach the 4 years olds for two hours from ten to twelve. I hate it. They don't listen even when I shout. It's official, I hate kids. I don't know how I'm gonna survive a month here. School is better, I miss school. It's less tiring than working in a nursery.

I'm not being a complainer or anything but the salary is 800 and if I take a day off, RM40 will be deducted from the total amount. If my maths is correct, I should get at least RM1k right?! Omg I'm being a typical Malaysian who complains about everything. I'm sorry. I think my rant is ending here. I hope yall can pray for my mental health throughout this battle against these crazy kids.


  1. Hahaaa, sabarr jrlh. klau you mereput dkat rumaah lagi sedihhh

  2. Well, it is worth the money and the struggles (?)
    Keep strong okay :)) I don't really like kids too btw haha.
    They spell a lot of troubles.

    1. i hope it worths every cents! Thanks for your kind words :(

  3. No children is easy XD it seems you need to change tack. try to make fun when they don't listen instead of shouting. yep kids react better if there's something to laugh at.. I could never work in a nursery. that's terrifying! unless I reeeaaaaly need the money. GOOD LUCK! GOD BLESS YOU! <3

    1. yeah I tried using toys. I didn't shout a lot only when they're being too annoying. Thank yoouuu >.<

  4. budak2 mmng cemtu, saya kadang jaga anak sedara jugak. masyaAllah. rasa nak picit. kalau anak sy dah kena picit. HAHAHA. btw saya mintak keje kat kedai kek, diorng x call pon. sedih. anw, be strong! dpt duit ley shopping. hehe

  5. wow I will work at nursery after spmlah hahahhahaha
    *budak spm* lol


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