March 14, 2016

Get To Know Me: A Tag

First of all, thanks Erin for tagging me. I wanted to post something so badly but it's just that I have no idea what to write. Thank god, she gave me something to write about because this blog seems dead lately. Without further a due, let's begin!

1. Name
The name I have on my IC is Nurul Syazwana binti Mohamad Zairo Sany (super long)

2. Age
I'll be turning 18 this June and I can't wait to be legal lmao.

3. Best friend/s
I don't really have a bff because I tend to be so close about myself to people, but I do have some close friends at school that I enjoy talking to and be crazy with.

4. Relationship status
I'm single and have never been in a relationship before :')

5. Piercings you have
I have two since I was a kid, one on each ears.

6. Piercings you want
I'm not really a fan of piercings but if I have to choose one it'd be one on the nose.

7. Tattoos you have
None because HARAM astaghfirullah sisters!

8. Tattoos you want
Some kind of feathery tattoo on my arm or wrist because that's cute.

9. Favorite blog
My current favourites are Erin Azmir, Ardini and Alia because I like their writings.

10. The meaning behind my URL
I know most people would put their names but I like Whimsical World because it reminds me of the forest kind of feels and magics and beautiful weird things like idk how to explain it to you because I think the word 'whimsical' speaks a lot about it.

11. Favourite band at the moment
It'd be One Direction because they possessed me, The Script, Imagine Dragons and Bastille because their musics are so me.

12. Favourite movie
I don't watch movies a lot but I love love love the Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of The Rings series. I also love Beautiful Creatures and How To Train Your Dragons 2 hahaha

13. A fact about my personality
I'm a super sensitive person but I tend to not show it because I learnt how to control my emotions and not be too fragile sometimes. I'm also a hot tempered person so you'd want to watch your language with me because no lie, I would snap at you just like that. I would consider myself friendly because I like making new friends.

14. What I hate most about myself
The fact that it's so hard for me to lose weight ugh so frustrating. I also hate that I can't be consistent or istiqamah with my workout and diet. Other than that, my oily skin!

15. What I love most about myself
My height, that's all I can think of right now.

16. What I want to be when I'm older
A chemical engineer of course!

17. Idea of the perfect date
When a guy takes the girl to go hiking or short adventure and try cool stuffs. Taking the girl to a nice dinner is also one of my favs.

18. Thing/s I hate most
People who chew with mouth open, talk when chewing, seriously that's disgusting.

19. Weakness
Baby animals, especially cats and dogs.

20. Phobia
I don't have any phobias, alhamdulillah.

21. What I hate most about school
Assembly because I ain't got no time to stand and sing early in the morning. I hate the foods too. And homework because duhh.

22. Things I find attractive in guys
It's such a turn on when a guy is good in academic and is nice to animals and their parents. I have a thing for guys with glasses idk why.

23. Biggest turn on
I already said it, when a guy is good academically. I would want a man who's intelligent and confident. Alsooo, when they are super tall, damn.

24. Biggest turn off
When a guy smoke, flirt with every girls they see and posts hipster-ish pictures on Instagram ew

25. A random fact I know
Not moisturising your face will lead to more oil compensate on your face because when your skin is dry, the oil is used to moisturise it. Not cool, girls!

26. A quote I love my life on
"Don't be a queen waiting on a king, be a queen busy with her kingdom until her king arrives."

27. Something I need to get off my chest
Sometimes when I'm at my lowest point I just need someone to talk to but I'm jut so scared to talk about it because it'll make me more fragile and I hate that. So I just keep it inside and pretend I'm okay the whole time.

28. A description of the person I hate and why I hate them
I see his face every day but thank god I won't anymore in a few days. He's so annoying, lazy brat, super rude and disrespectful with others. Omg I hate him so much.

29. The last time I cried and why
6th March I think, because I was accepted at my favourite university. I'm starting this Thurday, yay!

30. Looks or Personality -- why?
It really depends. As I said before, I'm not consistent. Mostly looks but idk I've never had a boyfriend to really tell the differences.

I tag: Ardini , Alia , Nad , Adilla


  1. Here's also a june baby!! LOL hehe

  2. Thanks for tagging me! :D

    I literally have no idea what to write on my blog but now, thanks to you, there's something to post hehe.

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  4. may i know which university you got accepted?

    1. universiti teknologi petronas ^~^

    2. oh ya ya my jiran also got accepted there.. good luck ^^

  5. perghhh dapat UTP perghhh tung aaaa tung aaaa.. no 28. who is he ?? *smirked*

    1. hhahaha pls lah! He's one of my family members :)


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