December 8, 2011

Ggaah! New Look Again?! Teruk! -.-'

Be good, Thinkbad!

Long hours no update. Okay, actually I'm sleepy but I can't sleep so I just wasting my time here, in front of my cousin lappy updating this blog. Lagipun, I'm waiting for a movie after this. That's why I'm not sleep yet.

Okay as you see. Pink again! Dulu pun dah guna juga color pink tapi pink yang tu has to many flowers, so tak nampak sangat Pink dia! What??? You bosan dengan blog aku?Ggaah! Who cares man? Tak suka tk perlu datang kan?!

Polka Dots+Pink! For me, it's very cute and childish and manja. Hahaha, mengada-ngada kan?! That's me! What? You like it?! Wanna use it? Okay, okay. This template is from Sys Lettha. If you noticed, I always use her skins. I don't know why?! But, she's super duper creative and very...... heh, i don't know. Whatever it is, I always love her skins although I'm not using it.

So!!! What do you think hah? Okay tak? Uh oh! Nama skin ni "Dancing Panda" kalau tak silap. And, YEAH!!! Sys Lettha punya *berapa kali aku nak mention? I always thinking to turn to Denim back but... I don't know bila nak buat balik. Sebab dah ramai gila yang guna Classic Template, so rasa macam bila turn to Denim back is like ketinggalan zaman. Hahaha, nonsense! xD Padahal ramai lagi yang guna Denim.

After this I wanna use Green Colour because my cousin really wanna see blog-blog yang ada Green Colour. Green is her favourite colour. Okay, it's getting late , bapak sedara kita nak guna pul, and the movie dah nak start. Bubye!

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