January 1, 2012

30 Days Blogging Challenge Day 26

Happy New Year :)
Question > 15 facts about you
Answer >
My real name is Nurul Syazwana. Not Miss Purple *yeah you know it -..-
I'm excited to say that I'm 4teen now xD
Suka kritik penampilan orang dalam hati. Hahaha I love that x))
Hardcore fans of ice cream =3
Blogging is part of my life. I'll faint without it T.T
Will act like a rich when in an expensive restaurant. -..-
Vintage hard die fans >.<
I'm very sensitive girl T.T
Love yelling *Waaaaaaaaa
Always repair my HTML code everyday -.-'
The quiet at school *Syhhhh
Tak suka kalah dengan lelaki xP
Love acting like a DIVA *Ahak - style Maria Elena
Love watching Kim and Kourtney Take NY and all Kardashian show ^^
Kyuhyun, Minwoo, Greyson Chance, Yoseob, Cody Simpson and CNU... I know you love me -..-

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