November 9, 2011

Tagged #3


Okay, tadi Miss Purple kena tag pulak tapi kali ni dengan Liza. Okay, now i'm gonna answer her question. ^.^

When you blow the candles ? *your birthday
= 7 June 1998

Where are you born?
= Hospital Sultanah Aminah Johor Bahru *winkwink

Where is your dream place?
= Did you mean place i would like to go? Huhahuha, Gardania in Barbie Princess Charm School :3

What do you think about my blog?
= Seriously cute! I totally love your blog! =O

How many followers you have?
= Hahaha, malulah, tak ramai coz i'm newbie. Okay okay, 359 peoples.!

When you start blogging?
= January 2010

Pencil or pen?
= I wolud like to choose 'PEN'! :)

Do you like pets or not ? Tell me why .
= I like it! Especially cat, rabbit and sugar glider! Because... They are cute, freindly and lovely.!

Domokun or Angry birds?
=DOMOKUN!!! x))

Greyson Chance or Justin Bieber?
= Hahaha, I love Greyson Chance! Lagi comel dari JB -.-'

Do you like Malaysian singer ? Why ?
= Not at all. Sebab sekarang ni diorang selalu sangat nyanyi lagu boyan, except Shila Amzah! :3
Finish! Penat jari menaip.. ^^'

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